Mccartney Backtracks On Internet Piracy

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Sir Paul McCartney has changed his stance on illegal downloading on the internet - condemning the practise just months after insisting he "doesn't mind" fans obtaining music for free.
In November (08) the Beatles legend aired his views on illegal downloads, admitting he was not bothered by music fans who use illicit methods to stock their digital music collections.
He explained, "It's weird for me (the concept of downloading). I'm not from that. I'm from going into a shop and buying a 45. We've come through vinyl, tapes and CDs - it's all the same, except people don't pay for it (now). I don't mind. It works out."
But the veteran musician has now reversed his opinion on the subject in a new interview, suggesting he is opposed to the practise because it deprives new artists of their income.
He says, "If you get on a bus you've got to pay. And I think it's fair, you should pay your ticket. The problem is you get a lot of young bands coming up and some of them aren't going to last forever. So if they have a massive hit that's going to pay their mortgage forever, they're going to feed the children on that and if they don't get that money, if they don't see that money, I think it's a bit of a pity."

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agreed, unfortunately, there are web applications which automatically download music and graphics without a by your leave.others do so to promote products, use the vids as an incentive to get the customers to click on their banner.additionally, there is a myriad of vids that have been posted to you tube, claiming to be those of sir paul. if you dig a little deeper, one finds out the vids were not accurate as to author/performer.
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