Mccartney's Security Fears After Lennon's Murder

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Sir Paul McCartney hired a bodyguard because he feared he would be assassinated after his Beatles bandmate John Lennon was murdered.
MCCartney was horrified by Lennon's death in New York in December 1980, at the hands of crazed Mark Chapman.
He was so scared copycats would make a similar attempt on his own life that he hired a personal minder - but sacked him after a month because he hated living like a recluse.
He says, "It was horrific. Suddenly your best friend is snatched away.
"And it was scary. Not just for the guys (The Beatles). Everyone in entertainment suddenly thought 'Woah - we'd better get security'.
"Which I did for about a week, and then I thought, 'I can't live like this.'"

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Hi, If you listen to the Song "Starting Over" from his Double Fantasy album. Telepathically you will hear me tell John that in two weeks he will come, they killed Bobby, these guys are good. And he can be stopped on any road that goes into Manhattan, except one, and that is closed. It has never been done before, a cop could arrest him and say to him that a known telpath knows your coming into Manhattasn to murder some one. "no I don't want the publcity. ABC radio please help me, put over the radio not to die John Lennon, we can't. It is me Geo, then OK. When you go out on the street tonite when someone pwalks past you say the words Genovsi I need help. They will know what to do. Now can I continue recording. So you see, he was more then murdered and ofr something he was about to reveal about what happened to President John F. Kennedy.Just before Shiver died, and it sound like Jackie's voice to me. Was "Gale are you free"? "No" was my answer. "Even after what John did?" She meant John Lennon. Anyhow another matter, the3re is a female with the same name as me and she is bad, she steals, says what I did was done by her and then steals again. And gets awy with it. Did you know she use to work for Richard M. Nixon, after he was impeached and living in New Jersy. She has even stelon something Lennon gave me many moons ago. I almost wish I had not found it, then she would't have. Anyhow, she went to a lawyer and stold something so precious from me and got away with it. Had I sued Lennon and McCartney, like he instructed I would have been the recognized songwriter. He once finish a song I had started, and instructed me to sue and that it was a good song and I should hhave finished it so I did" The name of the song is called "Love". I heard the song again in August 2009 and that is when she found what I had, then she went to a lawyer. When I hear songs agina for the first time. I now herar the message if there si one. I never use to look for that before. Thyere were alot of hidden treasures out there so if I neded them I woulod have them. Too bad a fake came along ans swindled her way into stealing from me.Hi, Paul watch out for the real kook.Sincerely,Gale FrenchCurrently Pembina, ND
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