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Michael Jackson's children went to see his brothers perform their 'Unity' tour this weekend.

Prince Michael, 15, Paris, 14, and 10-year-old Prince Michael II, who is known as Blanket were accompanied by their grandmother Katherine Jackson - who temporarily lost custody of the kids last week following her mysterious holiday to Arizona - to Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine Jackson's concert in Saratoga, California.

Katherine and the children watching the show may be a show of family unity after last week's actions which saw Jermaine - alongside his sister Janet and brother Randy - try to storm the house where Prince, Paris and Blanket live in a bid to take them to Arizona.

The children had earlier voiced their concerns after Katherine had gone ''missing'' for a number of days and they had not spoken to her.

In Katherine's absence, the children were put under guardianship of Michael's nephew TJ, the son of Tito Jackson. Since Katherine's return to California they will now share custody of the children.

However, the battle is far from over, and Prince has tweeted his worries over the current divide in his family.

He wrote: ''As long as I can remember my dad repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways.

''Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realise how misguided and how badly she was lied to. I'm really angry and hurt.''

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Michael would not want his children to be put through all this family crap!!!! His brothers were always jealous of his gigantic fame and love from his fans,(which THEY will NEVER have!!!!) We are loyal ONLY to Michael J. Jackson!!! NOT them, they suck at singing! Stop using Michael's name to get in the media!!!! CREEPS!!! Michael's children are old enough to remember all the stuff he told them about certian "family members", he was wise enough to talk to his kids about it all! MJ is gone now, why won't his family just grow up?????? LOVE YOU FOTEVER MJ!!!!!!
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