Glee - Michele Fronts Campaign Against New York Horse-drawn Carriages

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Glee star Lea Michele is the latest star to rally against the use of horse-drawn carriages in New York, calling for fans to boycott the city's Central Park tradition.
The actress is fronting a new advertisement for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), highlighting the alleged neglect and harsh conditions in which the animals are kept.
In the commercial, Michele says, "Imagine for a moment that you're forced to do hard physical labour all day, seven days a week, whether it's sweltering hot or freezing cold outside. At the end of the day, instead of relaxing on an easy chair or sleeping in a comfortable bed, you're locked in a tiny closet all night long. That's what it's like for horses who are forced to pull carriages in New York City.
"After a long day of hauling heavy tourists and being forced to breathe exhaust fumes, these horses must walk through miles of dangerous traffic and climb up steep ramps to reach the upper floors of the multi-story midtown stables where they're kept when they're not working. These stables would become death traps if a fire broke out.
"Horses in the carriage industry are deprived of everything that makes their lives worth living. Don't get taken for a ride. Please boycott horse-drawn carriages."
British funnyman Ricky Gervais and veteran actress Joanna Lumley have also called for a ban.

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Jeez.... what a load of b.u.l.l.*.h.i.t ... horses who are driven have just as much enjoyment of life as those who are ridden... as for saying how would we feel... we are not designed to pull weight... horses are better designed for pulling than riding, their centre of gravity is behind their shoulders, carrying a rider above there is not easy, especially if the rider moves about, these celebs who "care" about animals are clueless they influence the people who are also clueless, its better that these horses work and get regular attention, from which they thrive, than are put out to pasture to rot or are euthanised because they are so used to their work and routine it would be unfair to unsettle them... i bet half those campaigning havent even ridden/driven/been near a horse let alone know enough about their physiology to make such rash claims.. this article has really annoyed me... as you can probably tell, (for those thinking.. well what does she know I have a BSc Degree in Equine Science)
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