Oddball Supergroup Comes Together For Australia Theme

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Moviemaker Baz Luhrmann returned to his music roots to compose and record the final theme for his AUSTRALIA epic with Elton John, folk star JOHN BUTLER and Aussie treasure Rolf Harris.
The director and Elton John came up with the lyrics and music for the powerful tune, which plays over the end credits - and Butler, Harris and Luhrmann recorded the track.
Luhrmann says, "I've actually done some music myself so this wasn't so amazing. There's a young gent who is an assistant of mine and we wrote lyrics with Elton John on the drover's ballad.
"We have a really groovy folk music Australian player called John Butler and there is an Australian icon who, in England, has had as many number ones as The Beatles called Rolf Harris, who plays wobbleboard. "


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