Gwyneth Paltrow - Paltrow Discovers Great Great Great Grandfather Was Kabbalah Master

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Gwyneth Paltrow has discovered a fascinating family fact while tracing her roots for hit U.S. TV show Who Do You Think You Are? - her great great great grandfather was a beloved Jewish holy man.
The actress tracked her ancestors back to Barbados while taping the show, which airs in America on Friday night (01Apr11) - but the biggest surprise came when she returned to New York and discovered her great great great grandfather was a "master of Kabbalah" - the mystic Jewish offshoot Paltrow studies today.
Documents show he was "a miracle worker" who once saved his community from a raging fire through his faith.
She said, "This is all kinda blowing my mind."


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Is There Something To One’s Sleeping Souls Of Your Ancestors Calling Out To YouBy D.K. Milgrim-Heath©2011Is there something to one’s sleeping souls of your ancestors calling out to you?For Gwyneth Paltrow very much alive this is what her ancestors aimed to do.She found out both with seriousness her maternal and paternal past-That had some stirring, stunning revelations that could make anyone gasp fast.Checked her paternal family first being from Barbados lived by the Caribbean island life-Her great grandmother Rosamund Stout (orphaned young) but aged 18 left home as her life has strife.Being a seamstress went to NY then with her sister for a better life in the new world-In the late 19th century better opportunities were here in America that unfurled.Nineteenth century Barbados that had more women than men living there- That competition was heavy for finding a husband then everywhere.Independence that Gwyneth’s great-grandma felt she could make something with her life again-Struck a strong cord of many parallels of Gwyneth’s father to her great-granddaughter then!Gwyneth’s most emotionally stirred revelations came from her father’s side of her family-Finding out her great-great-grandfather Simon Paltrovich was a rabbi known quite spiritually. Mentioned in a memorial book by Holocaust survivors from his Polish community.Singlehandedly with no human help only God’s help from burning down.A great master of the Kabbalah holy man with incredible Kabalistic powers saved his town-Gwyneth also does study Kabbalah as well so that really blew her mind!All her ancestral findings echo present feelings in your own relationships that she did find.Noticing a long line of people loving their fathers this was something beautiful Gwyneth found in tone-But she didn’t realize the sad traumatic past her grandfather Buster had never known.Those were the reasons why her grandfather had no compassion for his mother –But Gwyneth wished she could have shared that important information like no other.It's such a beautiful thing when one realizes this of course seriously- As I've gotten older my own ancestors have also called me. They're dead now but are connected with my soul spiritually.The a feeling that gravitation gets me as well powerfully really strong- To have me not forget my background by who my people are to whom I belong.These recent discoveries of Gwyneth Paltrow will be shown aired on TV - For discussion what it means finding out about one’s ancestry. .
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