Paranormal Activity - Paranormal Activity 4 Star Takes Spook Home

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Paranormal Activity 4 star Katie Featherston fears she has taken more than her character from the spooky thriller home with her - a spirit appears to manifested itself in her bedroom.

The actress has been more than a little freaked out by her dog's behaviour ever since she reprised her role as Katie in the fourth film in the franchise, and it has cost her pooch a sleeping place on her bed.

She tells Wenn, "He has started barking at nothing. He'll just look at a corner of the room and start barking adamantly and I don't know why.

"It freaks me out so I have to turn on the lights and usher him out of the room and distract myself. It's kind of crazy. They do say dogs have that sixth sense, so that's why I get so freaked out and I have to start playing with my cell phone or something to take my mind of it."


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