Peter Berg - Peter Berg Wants A Battleship Sequel

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Peter Berg wants to make a 'Battleship' sequel, but worries it might be a flop.

The director - whose film stars Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna as US Navy officers fighting an alien invasion - has blamed the popular 'Avengers Assemble' film for 'Battleship's relative failure at the US box office, complicating his plans for a sequel.

He told MTV news: '''Battleship' is a film that I would definitely like to do a sequel to. The movie kicked butt internationally, but we kind of ran into a wall when 'Avengers' refused to go away.

''So, what I need everyone to do is go see 'Battleship' now that they've seen 'Avengers' five times. If they do that, we can definitely make a sequel.''

Peter's sci-fi action flick made $235 million internationally, but has only grossed $63 million in the US since its late April release because the 'Avengers Assemble' has hogged the top spot since May.

The superhero film - which stars Scarlet Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth - is the third highest-grossing film ever and the fastest film in history to make $1 billion.

When questioned about what he could have changed to make his film a success, Berg said: ''I would have loved it to have come out three weeks before 'The Avengers' domestically, like we did internationally, because 'The Avengers' outperformed everything. It was impossible for 'Battleship' to get any oxygen.''


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Alien messenger's picture

Alien messenger

Battleship II? I believe there's room for a very good sequel to this cool movie, if the writers, filmmaker, producer and directors uses some commonsense this time around... The plot in the first one was great mankind obviously has no idea what kind of warlike alien monsters we may inadvertently contact and invite by beaming these high freq transmissions into deep space....? If they do decide to make another Battleship movie, aliens will need some new weapons added to that already awesome arsenal... This time around more 100% lethal nightmarish weapons will be required to finish the job of wiping out those troublesome humans, whom have the nerve to fight back when attacked....Hmm? Like dark blue energy rectifying weapons capable of vaporizing entire cities leaving no traces behind just thousands of square miles of new real estate.... Note: we need to develop some better weaponry too, this needed to make the second movie far more interesting then the first... This is a must to that most demanding audience........ In the sequel (if one is made?) like to learn more about the aliens culture after all they can't all be bad... Also like to see some female aliens this time around too, ladies with long brownish/white living beard's made of flesh, not so bloodthirsty as their male counterparts... We never got the chance to see what a large alien missile could do ? ICBM size Moreover, where's the mother ships with the really big guns? Let's bring a few of those down to planet Earth too do battle with our entire naval fleet... Suggest that those involved in a possible sequel go back to the 70s too rediscover the movies that were immortalized for all time... Like Jaws a brilliant work that captured an entire audience by rekindling that lost spirit of adventure in them... An sci-if action movie should be an adventure not a boring lesson in military tactics only... PS. I'm a jobless writer who has written some sci-if manuscripts in past years, employ my talents and I will write you a sequel that will walk away with a bunch of Oscars this time around.....

1 year 6 months ago
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