Daniel Radcliffe - Radcliffe Encourages Ocd Patients To Seek Help

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Daniel Radcliffe has urged those suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (Ocd) to seek professional help for the condition.
The Harry Potter star developed Ocd when he was just five years old, and sought out therapy when his anxiety became so bad that it took him five minutes to switch off a light.
Now the British actor is encouraging anyone with the affliction to turn to a therapist - because the counselling sessions have helped him keep his problem under control.
He tells Britain's Sun on Sunday, "I had to repeat every sentence I said under my breath. I would encourage everyone to undergo therapy. It doesn't mean you're insane or weak."
And Radcliffe admits he's in need of another session too: "I haven't had it this year so far and I'm missing it."

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I think a 'patient' already knows they have a problem and are getting help, although I thought it was an ongoing thing, I'm not anti-Dan, but I do wonder how with the problems he has admitted to, or confessed to(?) he managed to get insurance. In his interviews he has gone from happy, thrilled, so much in love to sullen, bitter,God Christ no, I'm not ready to get married. Bi-Polar anyone? Between that being drunk, his static speech and walk, the fact that he has a mastery in foul language, he's one tic and a squeek short of Tourettes. There are probably psychiatrists on both sides of the pond rubbing their greedy little hands together. How much information is too much?
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2 years 10 months ago
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