Rimes 'Not Discussing' Alleged Affair

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Leann Rimes has vowed to remain tight-lipped about the scandal surrounding her alleged affair with married co-star Eddie Cibrian - insisting she'd rather "let people believe" what they read.
The pair, who co-starred in romantic TV movie Northern Lights, sparked rumours they were cheating on their spouses last month (Mar09) after leaked security camera footage showed them enjoying an intimate dinner together in California.
As well as holding hands, the pair was seen kissing in the damning video.
Rimes and Cibrian have both dismissed reports they are romantically linked, and now the Blue singer insists she won't be talking about the gossip anymore, stating she's tired of addressing rumours she cheated on her husband of seven years, dancer Dean Sheremet.
She says, "It's something that I hate going back and forth in the press about. I'm not going to do it because it hurts my loved ones, it hurts me, and I'm just not discussing it.
"I've been around long enough... Let people believe what they're going to believe."

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A few years ago LeAnn Rimes declared that she was tired of being Nashville’s wholesome sweetheart and proceeded to change her image with miniskirts, low cut blouses, and seductive videos. Her deliberate transformation into sensuous man-eater was completed in her adulterous affair with another woman’s husband. Now in her book “What I Can Not Change” we are to believe she once again is the wholesome wife in a perfect marriage to the perfect man. A man she refused to be seen with at the ACM awards in Vegas. Her book is the height of hypocrisy but she obviously believes she can make a country-buck off her die-hard fans. Wholesomeness, like virginity can only be sold once and she sold hers for a little publicity and a good roll in the hay. Fool Me Only Once
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