Robin Roberts 'Healing' After Surgery


LATEST: U.S. news anchor ROBIN ROBERTS is "healing" following surgery to remove cancerous tumours from her body. The Good Morning America co-host, 46, is recovering from a 3 August (07) operation following her diagnosis with breast cancer and is currently waiting to hear from doctors if she will need further treatment. Roberts says, "The cancer is out of my body and I'm healing from the surgery. Hopefully, the plan now is to keep it out. "The prognosis is quite good. I did find it in the early stages. I am very confident and they (doctors) are very confident that it is going to be fine. The road getting there is going to be a little bumpier than I anticipated and they anticipated. I am better off than so many people who find it so late and that is why I am grateful and that again is why my battle cry is early detection."



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August 28, 2007. Posted by lynnaf22. Robin I too was told that I had brest cancer at the same time you did, and I was so proud of the fact that you said that life goes on and we would see you come to work and live your life. I to have that same drive, but I'm afraid mine was not as good as yours was. I had to remove both breasts and I am rebuilding. I have not stopped smiling be because I WILL NOT let some thing I DID"NT do beat me down. This is not my falt and I keep telling my self that God would not put me through something that he did'nt think I could master. I will stay smiling as you do because we are both very strong women and we will WIN!!!!Amanda L
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