Second Series For Little Britain USA Despite Controversy

by | | 28 November 2008

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Matt Lucas and David Walliams' Little Britain USA will return for a second series despite reports that it was too rude for American viewers.

The HBO show received underwhelming reviews from stateside television critics while headlines claimed audiences were shocked by its content.

But according to Walliams, the sketch show's US network were happy with its performance.

"We're getting a second series. It was very successful on HBO, it got good viewing figures, great reviews, everyone was really pleased," Walliams told BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat programme.

"We're delighted, we're very proud of it."

Speaking while promoting the December 1st DVD release of the first series, Walliams admitted many of the sketches had been close to the bone.

"It has some of our most outrageous things in it," he told DJ Chris Moyles.

"Tom and Mark those bodybuilders with the big muscles and their small... it's not for everybody but we thought it was funny.

"We're always just trying to entertain people, not offend them, and I think if it's not your cup of tea, don't watch it."

Lucas has been living in Los Angeles while filming his parts as Tweedledum and Tweedledee in Tim Burton's upcoming Alice and Wonderland.

"It's very nice to visit Los Angeles, the sun's out and you bump into big celebrities like Same Difference and you can have burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner," he joked.

"Oh yes, and I met Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Will Ferrell. I forgot about them."

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This is the funniest show I've ever seen. I just watched all of the episodes on HBO onDemand today and I want more. When are more episodes coming out? We need more!!! This is truly the funniest show on television...nothing else will compare now. You've ruined me for all others ;)
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