Singer Denies Reports Of Gibson Affair

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Russian singer OKSANA KOLESNIKOVA has spoken out to deny rumours she had an affair with Hollywood actor Mel Gibson and ended his 28-year marriage.
Gibson's wife Robyn filed for divorce on Monday (13Feb09), citing "irreconcilable differences".
Internet rumours have since suggested Gibson's close relationship with Russian musician Kolesnikova was behind the break-up.
But Kolesnikova vehemently denies the claims - insisting she has only ever enjoyed a professional relationship with the movie star.
A representative for the singer tells, "Sorry to hear about Mel Gibson's divorce. Somehow Oksana is being linked to Mr. Gibson's (sic), but there are no emotional ties between the two that I am aware of.
"Oksana has in the past entertained Mr. Gibson with her piano music as he dined at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I definitely welcome the opportunity to set the record straight. Our Oksana is not romantically involved with Mr. Gibson."
The Gibsons wed in 1980 and have seven children. According to legal papers, Robyn is seeking joint physical and legal custody of the couple's youngest son, Tom. She is also asking for spousal support and attorney's fees.

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HELLO ARE JOPUIRNALIST SLEEPING OR WHAT? THAT OKSANA KOLESHNIKOVA IS NOR TH EOKSNA THAT WAS PICTURED in his trialer and on the movie set of EOD, nor is hse the one pictured on th ebeach at Gunaacste! the pne pictured wiht mel Gibson is far younger and is not a pianist..Some journalist mixed up names as oksana is a very ususal russian name googled it, and end up wiht a blondine who dont look at all as th eone in the pictures taken.The pianist one never even talk to Mel Gibson in her life.. There is 2 women call oksana, one is in cotnact with mel gibson and was pictured in bikini embrassing him, and the other one got nothing ot do with the guy..Had she been call Lucy or samantha it might have help soem hjjournalist do a better groundwork!hwo on earth can such a mistake make headlines even now?Nobody ahs ever saod the after name of that girl pictured with Mel Gibson, jsut cause 2 women got the same first name doesnt mean they are the same, right?I mean opne oyr eyes! cant you se its 2different persons?I htoguht journalists where more clever and better at thinking on their own.there is 2 women whos first name is Oksana. the one is a pianist who never tlak to the guy, the other one was photographed with him several times, goign out of his trailer in sept nov 2008 and on the beach embrassing the 4rth of marts 2009.I hope this made the record straight but i am sure that pianist is very glad for the publicity cause she got problems at selling her records..Journalists know less than people in the street.Unreal.
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