Stephen Dorff - Stephen Dorff Fought Claustrophobia For Locked-in-a-box Movie

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Actor Stephen Dorff used his claustrophobia to heighten tense scenes in new thriller Brake because he really was locked in a plexi-glass box in the trunk of a car.
The Blade star played down his fear of enclosed spaces when he was cast as a captive Secret Service agent in the film and he admits he had to battle his worst phobia throughout the shoot.
However, he insists his claustrophobia helped him portray his terrified character authentically.
He tells, "I am claustrophobic so I got to challenge that. Basically, I got locked into this glass torture tank box in the back of this car. The more exasperated I got was kind of what I wanted - the more hoarse my voice, the more sweaty and clammy I got, the better for the part.
"Sometimes it got a little tight on the air, so basically they'd unscrew a piece (of the box), but I fought to be locked in it all the time. A couple of times it actually fogged up as stuff was going on, so they couldn't see me as well. They wanted to make a cheat and take the part off by my feet and I said, 'No man, because when I kick myself out I want to feel it open.'
"So that was the method part of my acting. It was a very brutal 10 days in the trunk. I was very bruised up because there was no padding and I was getting thrown around this plexi-glass (box)."
Dorff admits the new film, which was written by a 19 year old, was a refreshing change for him: "It was more entertaining and interesting than all these silly Predator-type remakes they (agents) were sending me."
He was so impressed with young Timothy Mannion's script he made it his new production company, La Costa Productions' first project.


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