Taylor Swift - Swift Penned Mean About Cruel Music Critic

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Singer Taylor Swift penned her Grammy Award-winning hit Mean about a music critic who constantly gave her scathing reviews.
The star's tune won two trophies at the prizegiving earlier this month (12) and it was believed to have been inspired by Swift's experiences with bullying in high school.
However, Swift has now set the record straight, revealing the lyrics were born from a much different place.
She says, "A lot of people think that I wrote the song about being in bullied in high school and when the song went out into the world it kind of became that. But I actually wrote the song about a critic who kept giving me really bad reviews. Like nothing ruins your day more then a bad review. And then like there's the scathing review, which is kind of past constructive criticism and it's more into like, I hate you territory, which is mean. And it really got me down. Like I started feeling low...
"Because I do get my feelings hurt. You don't ever really get thick skin for that sort of thing, well I don't at least.. and the only way I could get myself to feel semi- better about it was to sing... this song called Mean and then it won two Grammys. And now I feel better."
However, the Love Story hitmaker is glad the song struck a chord with fans and became a powerful anti-bullying anthem.
She adds, "It's not really about him (the music critic) anymore. It just went out into the world and became such a bigger thing when I got fans sending me videos saying, 'Thank you so much, high school is easier for me now.'"


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Okay I don't really follow Leifetstz that much and at first glance it did seem that he was being quite harsh on Taylor, and with that insight I would have been glad to embrace the song "Mean." After further inspection of what happened and how Swift reacted by saying she's never used auto-tune and never will one could just listen to her studio songs and hear the difference. But here she is(in the above clips) using auto-tune in a live performance, despite the fact she swore up and down she wouldn't or doesn't and she still expects her song "Mean" or her words to have truth or validity? She wrote this song because Leifetsz said she couldn't sing or used auto-tune before and because of that critique she wrote this song about him. Why? To show him and the world how immature she is as well as how blindsided of a liar(or not truth teller) she is? What's worse than anything is that the critic guy is now harassed and called horrible names because Swift said he was "mean." He's a critic... That's his job and he was also right. I hope she realizes she has a talent but is hindering it by acting like a victimized puppy who want's to dish it out but never be called out on it.
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