Tarantino's Nazis Give Roth's Jewish Parents A Rousing Welcome

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Eli Roth's parents were in for a big surprise when they visited their son on the set of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS in Berlin, Germany - director Quentin Tarantino had his HITLER sing Happy Birthday to them.
The proud New York Jews broke a vow never to visit the German capital so they could see their moviemaker/actor son at work - and Roth admits they got a kick out of Tarantino's bizarre sense of humour.
He recalls, "They showed up and we were shooting a scene with 300 extras dressed like Nazis... As soon as they walked in, Quentin goes, 'Hey everybody, it's Sheldon and Cora's birthday,' and he had the whole Nazi high command - Hitler, Goering, Bormann... going, 'Happy birthday...' It's not my parents' birthday.
"Then he says to my mum, 'You are going to be a Nazi collaborator...' They spent the morning at the Holocaust museum and then my mum is like, 'Look at me, I'm in my Nazi chic clothing.'
"And we're watching a movie - the movie in the movie is this Nazi propaganda movie that Quentin had me direct.
"So my parents were there with Hitler singing Happy Birthday, watching their son do his Nazi propaganda movie."


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