Toni Braxton - Toni Braxton 'Survives' On Pay From European Gigs

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R&B star Toni Braxton has to rely on lucrative tour dates in Europe to boost her bank balance, because her family's reality TV show is not profitable enough for her to live on.
The Un-break My Heart hitmaker was forced to file for bankruptcy last year (10) amid reports she owed between $10 million (£6.25 million) and $50 million (£31.25 million) in unpaid debts after cancelling a series of Las Vegas shows due to heart problems.
She recently assured fans her financial woes were not as bad as had been reported and claimed she just had an outstanding tax debt with U.S. authorities amounting to $500,000 (£312,500).
But the star, who appears in new U.S. RV series Braxton Family Values - alongside her four sisters and mother - insists she has only managed to stay on top of her money issues by taking on concert deals outside of America, because she and her two young sons can live off the big pay cheques for months on end.
She tells Sister 2 Sister magazine, "I still live in a house in Atlanta. And I do one-off dates in Europe - because I'm much bigger in Europe than I am here in the States.
"I do little spot dates here and there and get paid really good, so I am surviving. The reality show is not how I am really getting paid. Who said reality shows make you rich? That's a misconception."


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This must be a british website because I can always tell by the little backhanded remarks british tabloids like to make.. *sigh* Did Miss Braxton claim that a tv show will make her rich? NO...and Don't most recording artist tour all over the globe to make a living? YES...I don't know if you realize this, but ALL recording artist tour to make money. They do not get "paid" off the sale of their CDs...come on now! Stop being so smug in your stank remarks and write objectively. Don't write on your interpretation of the facts. That's journalism 101..but then again, I may be giving you too much credit when you're probably far from a reputable writer.
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