Warner 'To Sell Blunt Album On Myspace'

by | 18 September 2007
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Warner Music is to sell James Blunt's new album through social networking website MySpace, according to a report.

US consumers will be able to listen to tracks on the All The Lost Souls album for free on Blunt's MySpace page before deciding whether to purchase his latest release, the Financial Times newspaper reports.

The album will be available to download from the site for $9.99 (£5), while those who buy Blunt's new offering in such a way will also receive a CD-version in the post, the paper claims.

It says that the sales experiment marks the latest attempt by The Music industry to find new ways of selling tracks to consumers amid a decline in traditional CD sales and increasing piracy.

The FT claims that, like other record firms, Warner is also seeking to challenge Apple's dominance of the digital download music market through its iTunes online store.

In contrast to Warner's previous unsuccessful attempts to sell tracks by its artists through MySpace, Blunt's new album will be compatible with Apple's popular iPod music player.

Meanwhile, Warner's chief executive Edgar Bronfman today stressed that the company's job was to continue offering new platforms and products that allow artists to connect with their fans in "fresh and exciting new ways".

Speaking at an event organised by the Deal publication in New York, Mr Bronfman acknowledged that "the business of selling CDs is fading".

But he stressed: "Our business is poised to rebound because the demand for music is as strong as it's ever been and our determination to meet that demand has never been greater."

The Warner chief said that while it could take "some time" for a rise in new revenue streams to mitigate the impact of declining CD sales, he had No Doubt that the long-term future for the company was "very bright".

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