Warren G - Warren G Denies Turning Back On Nate Dogg

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Warren G has denied suggestions he abandoned sickly rapper Nate Dogg in his final months, insisting, "I did what I could do for him."
Producer David Michery claims Nate Dogg, real name Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, was in desperate need of financial assistance after suffering a series of strokes before his death last March (11), but none of his "so-called rapper friends" offered support.
Michery, who has since been ordered to pay Hale's unpaid medical fees, admits he promised hospital staff he would help cover the bill because no one else would.
He tells Tmz.com, "I was the only person who would come forward because I didn't want him to die. Me and Nate have 20 years' history together and I did what everyone should have done and tried to save his life... not let him get kicked out in the streets and die."
But Warren G is adamant he did everything he could to care for his Regulate collaborator, and admits he even handed over money.
He says, "I rode with Nate 'til the end... I did what I could do for him with other things financially.
"If I was able to pay for his hospital bill, I would have. I made several calls to numerous people for help. I love Nate... he's my brother."
Michery and the executors of Hale's estate are being sued for a $293,512 (£183,445) medical bill from CareMeridian in Orange County, California.
Michery plans to release an album of never-before-heard Nate Dogg tracks to help cover the costs.

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I think Warren G did help Nate to the end. They have always been together, but i am very surprised the Snoop hasnt been mentioned as to whether he helped. He has had the most success out of all three, and they all grew up together. I know Warren would have helped Nate, and i'd like to think Snoop did too, but im not sure on that one. One things for sure, if i had the money, and even though i dont know Nate, i would have given it to him, i was and am still upset that he is no longer with us, and i hope that we will all keep his memory alive
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