Winslet Punch-drunk Over Dicaprio

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Kate Winslet is so close to her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD co-star Leonardo Dicaprio, she would happily let him physically hurt her during a scene.
The pair teamed up for the first time in 1997 blockbuster Titanic, before working together for a second time in Winslet's director husband Sam Mendes' new movie.
Winslet shares a "rare" off-screen friendship with DiCaprio - and insists she is happy to go to extremes with him to make the perfect movie.
She tells Britain's OK magazine, "When we filmed difficult scenes we developed a secret language of our own. With our history we could do anything without feeling stupid.
"I would even let Leo physically harm me if it meant making a scene better, and I know he feels the same way. If we didn't have this rare friendship, I don't think we would be able to show that chemistry on screen."

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Congtratulations to Kate! The only silver lining at the otherwise long and dark night of Oscars 2009.She is a real "English Rose" and has finally won a prize that could help Oscars remain relevant in the years to come.Oscars are losing their sheen and it's time we got up and told the Academy that Oscars have become "nonsense" and let's do something before they turn into "total farce."Kate, you are magnificent ! I must thank you for reminding us all that talent,hard work,patience,and a good sense of cinema can still win you an Oscar.
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