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Beck - New album Guero out March 21st 2005 - listen to all 15 tracks Right here Now!

The most innovative man in rockpopsoul dan cehiphopcountry returns with his first new album in three years.

Guero sees Beck return to his eclectic roots after the critically acclaimed acoustic album Sea Change. Mr Hansen has teamed up with producers the Dust Brothers for the majority of Guero in a move that sees the team behind 1996's Odelay reunited.

Beck - New album Guero out March 21st 2005 - listen to all 15 tracks Right here Now!

From the first riff of opening track and debut single E-pro , Beck's re-found enthusiasm for his music is in evidence. Guero (Gringo hip hop), Girl (summer acoustic-electro), Black Tambourine (tribal drums gone cool) and Hell Yes (bleepy 21 st century funk) all demonstrate Beck's ample sense of style that few other artists possess. Even on the down-tempo numbers such as Missing (arranged by Beck's father David Campbell) and the haunting Broken Drum Beck never sounds less than confident. Jack White plays bass on the singalong lazy blues of Go It Alone and producer Tony Hoffer gets behind the controls for Farewell Ride .

The UK version of the album will also include two bonus tracks, Dance and Clap Hand .

A very special collector's edition of Guero will also be available in a limited amount. It will be presented as a bound, 56 page hard back book including four remixes by Royksopp (Missing), Octet (Girl), Boards Of Canada (Outerspace) and Dizzee Rascal (Hell Yes). On top of that it will come with a second disc, a DVD featuring the album tracklisting realized with D Fuse Interactivity in 5.1 Stereo. Basically, some very cool graphics that will bring the music to life.

As well as a video for the single E-Pro (released on March 14 th ), where Beck becomes part of a ZX Spectrum-style ghouls and ghosts chase, videos for Black Tambourine and the 8 Bit remix of Hell Yes have also been released on the internet.

Previous Beck album releases are Sea Change (2002), Midnite Vultures (1999), Mutations (1998), Odelay (1996) and One Foot In The Grave (1994).

Click here to listen to all 15 tracks from Becks amazing forth-coming album 'Guero' - out to buy on 21st March Click here for Beck audio/video

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