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Fried - Get Out Of Jail - out 12th July - Watch The Video

The debut single ‘Get Out Of Jail’
Released July 12th on London Records

Widely tipped to be one of the UK’s big breakthrough acts this year, Fried are set to release their debut single ‘Get Out Of Jail’ on July 12th on London Records ahead of the September release of their debut album.

Consisting of former Fine Young Cannibals songwriter David Steele and the outstandingly gifted 23-year old New Orleans vocalist Jonte Short,

Fried - Get Out Of Jail out 12th July - Watch The Video

Fried’s ‘Get Out Of Jail’ has already received an overwhelmingly positive reaction with many listeners making favourable comparisons with Lauryn Hill and Macy Gray.

Steele discovered Short at the 2001 New Orleans Jazz Festival after a five-year search for a ‘mind-blowing’ singer and immediately knew she was right.

“I’d been everywhere,” he says. “I saw a lot of OK people, but nobody I listened to and thought – ‘fucking hell’.” It’s now been eight years – eight years – since his role in Fine Young Cannibals. David is nothing if not exacting.

The music is unique. Jonte’s vocals would make a car melt – the songs are searing, soulful. But forget crappy Notting Hill pseudo funk, or corporate dance tunes predestined for some wanky car campaign. The feel is pure Motown, blues and real R&B, but it’s not retro; there is a contribution from RZA and a song co-written with Beth from Portishead.

‘In a way my ambition is almost done,’ says David. ‘What I wanted to do was make an amazing record, and we’ve done that.’

Fried - Get Out Of Jail out 12th July - Watch The Video
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1. Get Out Of Jail - Watch The Video

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