Joy Zipper - Out Of the Sun - Video Streams

Joy Zipper
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Joy Zipper - Out Of the Sun - Video Streams

Vinny Cafiso and Tabitha Tindale - the East Coast US duo together known as Joy Zipper - release the second single from their much-cherished ‘American Whip’ album on June 21.

‘Out Of the Sun’ is in many ways a single distillation of all the strange and beguiling qualities that embodied ‘American Whip’. It is dreamlike, lyrically obtuse and suffused with a fuzzy-focus feelgood factor, while at the same time being catchier than a bag of teasels. Repeated listening still doesn’t clear up the question, however, as to why what seems to start out as a simple love song soon transmogrifies into a sci-fi, quasi-religious epic in which the very nature of being is called into question.

Joy Zipper - Out Of the Sun - Video Streams

Perhaps it is fitting that ‘Out Of the Sun’ comes married to a fantastically odd video wherein Vinny and Tab are cast as evangelical preachers in the grand American tradition of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker – now like so many others sadly led away from the path of righteousness. Filmed in Florida, the video is all the more skin-crawlingly effective for its use of the actual God-fearing congregation who would no doubt later be smiting unbelievers, boycotting abortion clinics and taking vows of celibacy in the name of the Lord.

Tabitha particularly freezes the blood with her lacquered “flicker” hairdo. Vinny meanwhile oozes sincerity in the way only a man in a powder blue polyester suit on a mission from God can.

An entirely different altered states experience can be had from the b-side of ‘Out Of The Sun’, which features a bizarre and somewhat hilarious re-tread of the album’s ‘Dosed And Became Invisible’ by those scamps out of Simian. Taking their lead from Vinny’s occasional lyrical flirtation with narcotics, they have constructed a cut-and-paste classic which shoehorns the refrain from the self-explanatory, ‘Drugs’, into ‘Dosed’’s scary invitation of “psilocybin every day”. Into the bargain they also manage to create the first Joy Zipper tune you can properly dance to.

Meanwhile Joy Zipper have just finished a highly-successful tour of the UK, and will shortly start work on their third full album for release in the New Year with White Stripes engineer and Toerag Studios head honcho Liam Watson.

‘Out Of the Sun’ / ‘Dosed And Became Invisible’ Simian mix
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Joy Zipper - Out Of the Sun Video Streams
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