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Kinesis began the year 2002 as virtual unknowns. They ended it by signing a long term deal with Independiente and playing with the Manic Street Preachers.

The four teenagers had always had a clear vision of the importance of their band from their first, self financed release, the now sold out mini LP, “Worship Yourself”, in 2001. The combination of overt political commitment and a desire to make a beautiful noise had already drawn in a small but committed fanbase in their native North West. With two limited release singles for the nascent independent label Crystal Songs in the first six months of 2002, this fanbase began to grow nationally whilst Manchester shows were now guaranteed sell-outs with the first ten rows even singing along to unrecorded, unreleased songs.

Coupled to this Kinesis made good their intent to communicate directly with their audience as often as possible, touring throughout the year as headliners and as support to Hundred Reasons, Hell is for Heroes, In Me, The Beatings and the afore mentioned Manics. Every time they revisited a city or town there were more fans in Kinesis t-shirts, (many home made in imitation of the band’s own self designed onstage shirts), more fans wanting to talk and more kids down the front throwing themselves around.

Now in 2003, Kinesis release live favourite “And They Obey…”. A three and half minute burst of intent, the track was recorded with Dave Eringa in October 2002. The band see the track as an attack on the North American Free Trade Association, comparing the overtly totalitarian regimes of the past and the more subtle imperialist mechanisms used by the elite of today. In a climate where the only remaining superpower is hand in glove with big business and wars over oil recreate a nightmare scenario of 19th century economic imperialism backed by weapons of mass annihilation the question is not, “Why are they talking about politics” but rather, “Why isn’t everyone else?”.

The single is released on 10th March with new track, “Premonitions” and a live in the studio recording of early favourite “Flowers Are Dead”, originally featured on “Worship Yourself”.

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