Lola Ray - I don't Know You - Album Review

Lola Ray
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Lola Ray - I don’t Know You - Album Review

Lola Ray
I don’t Know You (DC Flag)

Three bemused kids from California have impressed Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden so much that he put their album out on the record label he founded. I suppose this is where the story will end for most, as do we need a Good Charlotte endorsed band telling us how hard life is in several pop punk melodious offerings? Probably not, is the answer, but there is some depth to Lola Ray such as in opening track ‘Plague’ that is more channeled than Good Charlotte and could draw

Lola Ray - I don’t Know You - Album Review

comparisons to Thrice, who many see as being one of the more sincere and prouder outfits of that elk around currently. Just when you think you are in for a dreary GC like forty odd minutes, then bang! they hit you with ‘What it feels like’ featuring the Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat) sprightly vocals of John Balicanta and brisk instrumentals.

The usual topics that you would expect from a young pop punk band; girls and friendship get zapped by the Lola Ray. Melody and passion are traits that run through most of the songs, as influences from the above mentioned bands to Saves The Day and Hundred Reasons can be traced in this tempting ten track debut offering. ‘Charlit Movie Star’ is the standout track providing slower and more relaxed acoustic guitar lead instrumental build up, to provide a neat platform for Ballicanta’s emotive vocals. Tenderness and temerity mingle together to produce a proud and promising addition to an at times uninspiring pop punk genre.

David Adair


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