Mean Creek

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Mean Creek - Trailer

We are proud to announce the release of of MEAN CREEK by Tartan Film on April 29

Sundance Film Festival Official Selection
Cannes Film Festival Official Selection
London Film Festival 2004
Winner John Cassavetes Award Independent Spirit Awards

Set in a small Oregon town where secrets are hard to keep and lies even harder, MEAN CREEK flows with the simple elegance of truth and consequences as it follows a crisis in the lives of its teen characters.

The journey begins as a plot for a playful payback on a local troublemaker; the journey begins on a river, as a ragtag group of troubled-and-not teenagers set out on a boat trip to celebrate the supposed birthday of a member in their group. As a sort of Heart of Darkness trip develops, cracks in the crew form when some of the teens have second thoughts about what they have come here to do.

MEAN CREEK is an allegorical tale that probes the moral dilemmas we all face. Ultimately, it is the story about the balance between friendship and responsibility.

Released: April 29
Distributor: Tartan Film
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 87 mins

Mean Creek - Trailer
Mean Creek - Trailer
Mean Creek - Trailer
Mean Creek - Trailer
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1.Mean Creek - Trailer

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