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Medal of Honor Allied Assault “Breakthrough” Expansion Pack Reviewed On PC

Yet another expansion pack has arrived on my desk and to be honest its not one I’ve been eagerly waiting for so here it is, the next installment of the Medal of Honor series. Set in the European theatre of operations from 1943-1944, Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough combines eleven single-player levels with nine new multiplayer maps and includes new locations, new weapons, and new soldiers. As U.S. Army Sergeant John Baker (chosen for his calm head in the heat of battle), players will join the battle at Kasserine Pass in North Africa, race to capture Messina in Sicily, and finally repel the German army at the historic battle of Monte Battaglia in the heart of Italy. Players will fight alone and with comrades as they rush to stop the Axis powers by striking at the soft underbelly of Europe.

Armed with a new arsenal of weapons including hand helds, cannons, trucks, tanks and planes there are plenty of toys to rekindle your passion in this title. As expansion packs go “breakthrough” doesn’t set the world alight but it definitely will provide hours of entertainment both on and off line… give it a go!

Medal of Honor Allied Assault “Breakthrough” Expansion Pack Reviewed On PC


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