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E3, LOS ANGELES May 14, 2003 - Capcom today announced plans to debut its MegaMan™ franchise on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system with MegaMan X7, an all new adventure for the famous Blue Bomber. The MegaMan series of games has sold more than 17 million copies worldwide and this year celebrates its 15th anniversary. This blockbuster franchise is the continuing adventure of MegaMan and his quest to rid the world of evil. Mega Man X7 stars MegaMan and his trusted friend, Zero, and takes players into a full 3-D environment where different traits from the series come together to deliver an all-encompassing sequel. The title is currently scheduled to release across all PAL territories this October.

MegaMan X7 introduces the following new features:

1. New Double Hero System - Players can form a team comprised of two heroes by selecting characters from MegaMan X or a new character named Axl.

2. Transforming gameplay - Depending on the area, the player will experience the game in different perspectives. This can range from a traditional 2D scrolling title to a isometric overhead view similar to popular strategy based games. Players will also experience many boss battles set in a 3D action perspective similar to that of Capcom's acclaimed MegaMan Legends series. Traditional 2D stages are not only made into full 3D polygons but it also adds dimensional twists to the gameplay.

3. Auto Lock-on System - Players can quickly lock onto an enemy within attack range. They can also change targets and aim at an enemy's weak spot.

4. A Mysterious New Character named "Axl" - Axl will have a unique ability unlike any other and add more strategic elements to the game.

During MegaMan's 15th anniversary year Capcom will release six new titles to the franchise that include MegaMan & Bass, MegaMan Battle Network 3: White and Blue versions and MegaMan Zero 2 for the Game Boy Advance; MegaMan Network Transmission for the Nintendo GameCube™ and MegaMan X7 for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.

MegaMan X7 @
MegaMan X7 @
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