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Moodphase 5ive - Super Deluxe Mode Reviewed
Moodphase 5ive are from Cape Town Africa, the 5 piece band has been around for 5 years.

Moodphase 5ive came about by 2 different bands collaborating, after a few playing sessions together they developed into 1 band (Moodphase 5ive) They became the 1st live band in Cape Town to play live with a dj in the set using the turntables as an instrument.

The five piece later broke out onto the International music scene in 2000 with their debut album "Steady On" after this they became one of Cape Towns most sought after live acts. Mix the downbeat grooves of Nightmares on Wax with a range of different influences including urban soul, hip hop, dirty funk, jazz, dub fused together with electro beats you come to a sound similar to Moodphase 5ive

Moodphase 5ive - Super Deluxe Mode Reviewed @
Moodphase 5ive - Super Deluxe Mode Reviewed @

Super Deluxe Mode is a remix and rare grooves album, the songs have been taken off "Steady On" and re mixed by a mixture of South African artists. Rhymedrop starts the album with Lyrical and vocal talents coming from D Form who does all the rhymes for Moodphase 5ive this sounds surprisingly like it belongs on one of Jurassic 5 albums with back ground harmonies sung by Lady E. The pace is quickly changed with Rise 'n' Shine a scratch-a-mental remix also with a familiar sound of the Avalanches. Got to Give has an R 'n' B vibe features Godessa, this is going to be the first single off the album. Too Real is another soul driven track with lusty vocals sang again by Lady E. Rhymedrop is remixed with no vocal (so dark remix) it's made so eerie it could have been mixed by Alec Empire. The album is round off with a live version of Addict one of the more funkier songs.

Introducing new talent like Felix Laband from the increasing musical scene in South Africa, with such a varied sound Super Deluxe Mode is an album that anyone will find something they like. With a downbeat But for the proper sensation this is a band that should be seen live.

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