Motley Crüe - If I Die Tomorrow - Video Streams - Video Game

Motley Cre

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Motley Cre - If I Die Tomorrow - Video Streams - Video Game

Motley Cre - If I Die Tomorrow - Video Streams
On 23 rd May 2005 Motley Cre will be releasing the first single from their new Greatest Hits album – “Red White and Cre” - which is due on 30th May. Entitled “If I Die Tomorrow” it is written by guitarist Nikki Sixx and Simple Plan, and produced by Bob Rock.

Mtley Cre were the rulers of the sex-and-drug fuelled nightlife on LA's Sunset Strip, their music embodied a reckless lifestyle of excess. Over the next "decade of decadence" their lifestyle almost killed them -though others who accompanied them on their wild ride weren't quite as lucky

Click here to watch the brilliant full-length video for Motley Crue's brand new track 'If I Die Tomorrow', out to buy on 7" picture disc and CD with bonus ringtone on May 23rd.

In December 04, the band reformed in a blaze of publicity. The phenomenon of the Cre is a compelling, crazy, chaotic story - the triumph at the end is, that after selling over 40 million albums worldwide, the band have recorded new material together and are undertaking a massive world tour. The tour arrives in the UK in June 05.

“If I Die Tomorrow” will be released as a CD maxi single and 7” vinyl picture disc. The CD will be a maxi cd and features the title track, some tracks from the Lethur Records vault – “Live Wire” and “Stick To Your Guns and the video for “If I Die Tomorrow” . The 7” is a picture disc featuring an exclusive tour photo; the title track plus new song previously unreleased called “I’m A Liar (And That’s The Truth)”

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