Mystery Jets

Mystery Jets - You Can’t Fool Me Dennis (679 Recordings 12/09/05) - Single Review

Mystery Jets - You Can’t Fool Me Dennis (679 Recordings 12/09/05) - Single Review
Mystery Jets
You Can’t Fool Me Dennis
(679 Recordings 12/09/05)

This spirited offering exposes the flaw of transparency in humanity with snappy hooks as well as groovy and soulful vocals that pick up the pace,when the track and the emotion takes on an urgent feel. Repetition of the song title is drilled into the mind of the listener with the aid of the Bret Anderson battling with Danny McNamara vocals of Blaine, who also plays the drums. The buoyant The Futureheads crossed with The Ordinary Boys B-side; ‘Quite A Delight’ is a jangling teaser that will help see the Mystery Jets capture the attention of indie crews out there.

David Adair


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