SUM41 New single And Album

New York, September 29th 2002 - Sum 41 reunite with top director Marc Klasfeld to shoot the video for "Still Waiting", the first single from their highly anticipated new album "Does This Look Infected?"

The video opens with a dumb record executive, in his smart office, advising the guys that "bands with numbers in their name are over" and that they need to have a "the" at the beginning to stand any chance of success. After doling out some other great tips, he decides they should be called "The Sums".

Action then moves to a studio (eerily reminiscent of that seen in The Strokes "Last Night" clip) where we see the four boys, dressed in natty matching outfits, performing "Still Waiting" in front of a huge illuminated sign saying "The Sums". Naturally, this being Sum 41, things do not exactly go according to plan.

Commenting on the video, Bizzy D said "When we broke out a couple of years ago, there were about 8 other pop punk bands that came out at the same time - now it's all about The Hives, The Vines, The Strokes - so the joke is we have to become 'The Sums' to compete. We're friends with all those guys - it's not like we're making fun of them, we're making fun of ourselves - like we're trying to be as cool as them but failing."

"Still Waiting" is at radio now. "Does This Look Infected?" will be released on November 25th and follows the 3 million selling "All Killer No Filler"

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SUM41 New single And Album  @
SUM41 New single And Album  @
SUM41 New single And Album  @


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