The Drips - 16,16, Six Single Review

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Review of 16,16, Six Single by The Drips

The Drips
16,16, Six
Wichita Recordings
Single Review

The Drips 16,16, Six Single

With song titles like 'All Kids Are Dead' to their name, it will be of no surprise to learn that The Drips are garnering quite a reputation, for their guts in the air rocking that pulls no punches.

However, with '16,16, Six' a more laid back, almost hanging The Clash feel is displayed to portray feelings of longing. The buzzing guitars lift the mood up and down, rendering this number an answer to the many hacks who question their utility, by dubbing them shrill rockers.


David Adair

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The Drips - 16,16, Six

The Drips16,16, SixSingle ReviewThe first few seconds are promising, but unfortunately this song falls into a predictable and rather clichéd chorus with lyrics like 'it's...



dread43's picture


Well Annabelle Butterworth you obviously must listen to the radio on a regular basis or have no f'n knowledge on this genre of music. I'f you think at all..quote "that this song falls into a predictable and rather clichéd chorus with lyrics like 'it's tearing me apart' and 'another broken paradise'. The singer's growls are reminiscent of the Rancid lead singer Tim Armstrong, set to up-beat pop-punk that sounds as if the band have taken a lot of influence from Green Day, but not managed to construct anything as lyrically interesting or musically exciting"...well lets stop and think shall we? does this in fact at all sound like tim armstrong??? HELL NO!. Does this in fact AT ALL sound like "pop punk"? F no! How in the f is A OR ANY song predictable and rather clichéd??? awnser that please?....... GREEN DAY??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? let me ask what kind of music do you listen to? let me tell you that uneducated people with a opinion piss me off ...but its SO lyrically lacking and not exciting enough for your lets hear your band. your music you wrote..if any lets hear it... please lets hear it...have you any chance heard or seen the bronx.....well wait they dont play that s#$t on the radio. but if you have i guess they are lacking excitement and lyrics too..well go see a f'n show and actually read lyrics for a change and then tell me your opinion...honestly....MY opinion here..the bronx best band i've seen live and i would have absolutely loved to see the drips live.. and i've been to quite a few when you actually have an opinion i will hear you out. until then dont post unnecessary bs!

5 years 10 months ago
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robb's picture


Going to have to agree with dread, here. This sounds absolutely nothing like Armstrong, Rancid, or Green Day. If anything, 16 16 Six sounds, melodically, much closer to early Elvis Costello or The Police what with its cutting, reggae-esque guitar.

5 years 6 months ago
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