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The Hulk
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Jennifer Connelly Interview Feature

Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly (Betty Ross) has proven her versatility as an actress. Connelly received a Golden Globe, BAFTA, AFI, Broadcast Critics and Academy Award for her role in Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind.

She most recently completed production on The House of Sand and Fog, directed by Vadim Perelman and starring opposite Ben Kingsley.

Connelly starred in the critically acclaimed film by Darren Aronofsky, Requiem for a Dream. Her haunting portrayal of a drug addict earned her an Independent Film Spirit Award nomination.

Connelly also starred in Ed Harris’ highly acclaimed film, Pollock, as well as in Keith Gordon’s Waking the Dead, opposite Billy Crudup.

Her other film credits include Pat O’Connor’s Inventing the Abbotts, also starring opposite Billy Crudup; Lee Tamahori’s 1950’s crime drama, Mulholland Falls; John Singleton’s controversial film, Higher Learning; Of Love and Shadows, directed by Betty Kaplan and co-starring Antonio Banderas; The Rocketeer, directed by Joe Johnston; and the comedy, Career Opportunities, written by John Hughes, as well as Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time in America.

Acclaimed filmmaker Ang Lee's concept for his film adaptation of the classic Marvel Comics series, The Hulk, combines all the elements of a blockbuster visual effects-intensive superhero movie with the brooding romance and tragedy of Universal's classic horror films.

In depicting The Hulk as both a superhero and a monster, a wish fulfillment and a nightmare, Lee and his team have stayed true to the early subversive spirit of the character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, while completely updating The Hulk and projecting it into the dangers and aspirations of contemporary times.

Eric Bana (Black Hawk Down) stars as scientist Bruce Banner, whose inner demons transform him in the aftermath of a catastrophic experiment.

Release Date: 18 July 2003
Cert: 12
Running Time: 138
Distributor: UIP

Film - The Hulk - Jennifer Connelly Interview Feature
Film - The Hulk - Jennifer Connelly Interview Feature
Film - The Hulk - Jennifer Connelly Interview Feature
Film - The Hulk - Jennifer Connelly Interview Feature
The Hulk
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1. Jennifer Connelly Interview Feature
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