Tim Wright
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Tim Wright - Releases his new album, Thirst, through novamute records on April 26th


Tim Wright releases his new album, Thirst, through novamute records on April 26th 2004. The 11-track album, recorded during the summer of 2003 at Finsbury Park studios in York, follows a brace of critically lauded singles previously released on novamute.

A teenage fascination with the outer reaches of contemporary music (Beefheart, Psychic TV, Non, Pharaoh Saunders, The Fall) and stints in various bands saw Wright ditch the Physics degree and return to York University to study Music Technology. By the start of 1992 he had made the jump from enthusiastic amateur to record his first tracks with John Dalby in the local Finsbury Park studios in York under the guise of Germ

Always far from conventional, Wright’s recorded output over the next decade would reflect his idiosyncratic tastes and influences. Skipping between styles and pseudonyms he would record for a variety of labels

Tim Wright releases his new album, Thirst, through novamute records on April 26th
Tim Wright releases his new album, Thirst, through novamute records on April 26th

(GPR, Resource, Satellite, Ill) producing music that regularly sought out the extreme. Always with a foot in the possibilities of electronic music, Wright would nonetheless explore the organic with his band Sand (he is a founder member) and the hinterland between house and techno with his Moondog project.

By 2002 Wright had jettisoned the various aliases and signed to novamute. His first single release, Searcher, was critically applauded for it’s innovative stylings that welded the sweeping sound of classic Detroit and the anglophile garage beat. By mid 2003 he had locked himself into the studio to conceive an album that would eventually become Thirst.

Recorded between September- November 2003 and featuring vocal contributions from Juice Aleem and Toastie Tailor who Wright had worked with previously on New Flesh for Ninjatune. The album is entitled Thirst as Tim abstained from alcohol consumption during the final stages of inception, the 11 tracks develop the theme from his previous single releases for novamute. Unique and fresh, it takes on the classic techno sound melding it with the urban bounce of the garage beat to produce something totally fresh, exciting and very filthy.

Opening with the haunting Kick The Door In, that echoes the fucked-up Electro jazz tinged output of Carl Craig, the album soon develops an intriguing theme. The Ride and it’s ragga influenced vocal, gives way to the mutant funk of Flatliner before moving on to the ambience of Flatliner (Echo) and the bass heavy rumble of Dust. Original and unique, Thirst is a refreshing and extremely innovative electronic album that will see Wright proclaimed as a true master.

Track Listing:

1.) Kick The Door In
2.) Oxygen
3.) The Ride
4.) Flatliner
5.) Thirst
6.) Control Freak
7.) Dust
8.) Killergod
9.) Flatliner (Echo)
10.) Shine
+ Hidden track: There But For The Grace


A1.) Kick The Door In
A2.) The Ride

B1.) Oxygen
B2.) Flatliner

C1.) Killergod
C2.) Thirst

D1.) Control Freak
D2.) Dust

Live Dates:
6/2/04 – Comix, Teplice, CZECH REP
7/2/04 – Abaton, Prague, CZECH REP
27/2/04 – Ageha, Tokyo, JAPAN
5/3/04 – Freakin' @ the Railway Institute, York, UK

28/4/04 – Mute night @ Triptych Fest, Edinburgh, UK
29/4/04 – Mute night @ Triptych Fest, Aberdeen, UK
30/4/04 – Mute night @ Triptych Fest, Glasgow, UK


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