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British singer Paloma Faith ended up with a black eye after stepping in to a fight to protect a female friend.
The pop star goes to great lengths to defend her loved ones, and she even offered to take a punch when a pal found herself in the middle of a heated altercation.
Faith tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "I was defending a friend who was about to get hit. I said, 'If you are going to hit anyone, it's going to be me' and he did. Then he freaked out and ran away. It worked.
"It was the difference between my friend getting beaten up and me getting a black eye, which is what happened. I feel quite fearless protecting the people I love."

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Emily G

Wow, I respect Faith's gutsy move. You can tell she's gutsy from her music as well...raw, honest, biting lyrics. I'm hooked on her "Picking Up The Pieces" video.
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