Paloma Faith - Paloma Faith Wants To Become A Mum Soon

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British pop star Paloma Faith is making plans to become a mum, insisting she wants to have children "as soon as possible".
The Stone Cold Sober hitmaker hopes to settle down and start a family in the near future, although she admits she is currently single and has no desire to marry.
She tells Britain's Marie Claire magazine, "'There'll be no magazine wedding from me. I think it's unrealistic. I'd actually rather that somebody came home to me forever because they wanted to, not because they'd signed a piece of paper.
"I do want children - as soon as possible. In fact I call my new album Fall to Grace my 'nesting' album. I do believe in all that stuff. I just don't believe in marriage or religion really. I just think it feels like a trap."

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This woman can sing! I love her video for Picking Up The Pieces.
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