Loveable Rogues Announces Debut Album 'This And That' Out...

Loveable Rogues Announces Debut Album 'This And That' Out August 11th 2014

04 Jul 2014
Loveable Rogues Announces Debut Album 'This And That' Out August 11th 2014

Loveable Rogues Announces Debut Album 'This And That' Out August 11th 2014

Energetic trio, Loveable Rogues, are set to release their debut album 'This and That' on August 11. The Rogues release the widely anticipated album hot on the heels of the success of the 'Honest EP' which rocketed to number 6 in the iTunes album charts, and was astonishingly only their first offering since top 10 single 'What a Night' back in early 2013. This and That is the perfect soundtrack to the summer.
The lead track from the album is the fan-favourite 'Love Sick'. The track taps into the same high-octane, feel-good sound associated with the band. 'Love Sick' comes straight from the heart of this mixed-genre, musically dextrous band, and is a reminder of why the nation fell in love with the Loveable Rogues. Fans who pre-order the album on July 4 will instantly receive 'Love Sick'.

Eddie says, 'The body of work that we display within the 'This and that' album has lived with us for years. So it is a mixture of relief and excitement that ears other than our own finally get to listen to it. The songs have spawned from various events throughout our teenage years and I hope that when people listen to them they can relate to the honest nature of the tales we tell.'
The band shared a studio with Red Triangle Productions (5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction) and Sonny J Mason (The Wanted, Little Mix) to produce the self-penned album - an album that will undoubtedly satisfy the palpable anticipation being emitted by their expansive, multi-national fan-base.
The full-length debut solidifies the perception that Loveable Rogues are a force to be reckoned with.
Final tracklisting:
1. Sweet Loving
2. Talking Monkeys
3. What A Night
4. Honest
5. Love Sick
6. Story About Me
7. Someone You're Not
8. Everything's Better With You
9. This and That
10. Front Story
11. Nuthouse
12. Mr. Piano Man