Ray J Detained After Fight With Fabolous

Ray J - Ray J Detained After Fight With Fabolous

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R&B star Ray J was detained by Las Vegas police on Sunday (18Sep11) after fighting with rapper Fabolous.
The singer-turned-reality TV regular was in Sin City for boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr's Saturday night (17Sep11) bout with Victor Ortiz, after appearing in an episode of TV documentary 24/7, which chronicled the road to the big fight.
Fabolous made fun of Ray J's cameo, in which he is shown playing the piano in Mayweather, Jr's living room and singing his song One Wish. The rapper wrote on Twitter.com, "Floyd saying we havin (sic) a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing 'One Wish' on the piano had me in tears!!"
The tweet infuriated Ray J and a chance meeting between the pair on Sunday (18Sep11) sparked a heated exchange, which turned violent.
Rumours suggest Fabolous got the better of Ray J, who reportedly threw the first punch at the luxury hotel and casino, Palms Las Vegas, before police intervened and handcuffed Brandy's younger brother for his bad behaviour.
An angry Ray J called into Los Angeles radio station Power 105 on Monday morning (19Sep11) to clarify the reports, insisting he was the one who punched Fabolous in the face.
He said, "It's like, don't disrespect me and Floyd like that, so when I seen him (sic) I was with Floyd and 50 (Cent, rapper) and he (Fabolous) tried to say, 'Don't touch me', and I touched (punched) that n**ger..."
Ray J continues, "I got detained... I got kicked out of the motherf**king Palms hotel! Police arrested me, handcuffs..."
Authorities in Las Vegas insist Ray J was not formally arrested and he was soon released without charge.

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Ray J should know better than that, now the world knows he got his ass kicked... You got money bru act like it, leave the hood s**t for people who dont have any hope for a better life. And if you really were hood you wouldn't be in a niggaz liveing room singing love songs... You smashed Kim K but for takeing an ass whippin you get your Playa Card Revoked.....
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