Rihanna tips waiter $200

Rihanna - Rihanna tips waiter $200

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Rihanna gave a lucky waiter a $200 tip.

The 'Stay' singer caused a stir at the Laugh Factory Comedy Club in Los Angeles last Friday (18.01.13) when she slipped the generous wad of cash into an unsuspecting staffer's hand during a night out with her friends.

After watching comedian Dane Cook's stand-up routine while downing drinks with six pals, the 24-year-old Bajan beauty was all set to cough up the table's $80 bill.

According to TMZ, when the waiter came over, Rihanna asked him what his biggest tip ever was, to which he replied $100.

She then thrust $200 into his hand and quipped: ''Now I'm your biggest tip!''

Rihanna - who is believed to be back with her on/off boyfriend Chris Brown - is famed for her wild nights out and raucous behaviour in clubs.

The controversial star has been known to post pictures of herself throwing dollar bills at dancers in strip clubs.

She shared a snapshot last autumn of a stripper bent backwards with her head between Rihanna's legs while she showed her with notes, alongside the caption: ''Bands ah make her dance. (sic)''

The caption was a reference to rapper Juicy J's song, 'Bands Will Make Her Dance'.

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