Robbie Williams - Robbie Williams Eases Olly Murs' Embarrassment Over Stage Slip

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British singer Robbie Williams has reached out to console fellow pop star Olly Murs following his embarrassing stage slip over the weekend (14-15Jul12) by sharing a video of his own fall from grace in front of millions of fans.
Murs was left red-faced during his performance at the GuilFest music event in Surrey, England on Saturday (14Jul12) when he fell down a flight of wet stairs in front of a huge crowd.
The singer admits he has been the butt of his friends and family's jokes following the incident, but his famous pal Williams has helped ease his embarrassment by sending him footage of his own on-stage slip-up.
Murs tells U.K. radio station Capital FM, "Literally for the last couple of days I've had every friend I know - my cousins, my uncles - everybody I know is killing me (over the fall).
"It was really funny because I was in last night and I got an email from Robbie (Williams). And Robbie said, 'Just so you feel better about yourself.'
"And he sent me a link of him falling over on stage at this massive show, live on TV, in front of 24 countries and 300 million people or something. I thought that was really sweet."

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