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Robbie Williams has been snubbed by the Brit Awards for the second year in a row - he has not been nominated in the Best Male category.

The 30-year-old's GREATEST HITS album is the biggest-selling British album of the year (04), and Williams recently topped the charts with Radio, yet old feuds with the ceremony's organisers still linger.

A friend of Williams confides, "The Brits bosses make the rules up as they go along. Last year (03) we were told the Knebworth live album was not eligible.

"This year (04) there's probably some other technical rule which allows them to keep Robbie away. But he's the UK's biggest male star and should get the recognition he deserves."

Williams has won a record 14 Brit Awards as a solo artist and with boyband Take That, but he has angered bosses by failing to turn up at the celebrity ceremony for the last two years.

A Brits spokesperson comments, "Robbie is a truly British artist and we would do anything to persuade him to come to the ceremony. It's just a shame his release schedule means he is not eligible this year. Rules are rules."

01/12/2004 13:43]

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