Rosario Dawson - Rosario Dawson Taking Misting Vagina Installation To Burning Man Festival

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Rosario Dawson is planning to sex up the Burning Man arts festival in Nevada this summer (11) by offering revellers the chance to walk through her misting vagina.
The actress will be attending the desert event for a fifth time - and this year she has been inspired to become one of the artists.
She explains, "This year's theme is rite of passage and it's the first time I'm inspired to, like, make a tent or do something. I'm gonna make a big misting vagina and that will keep you cool. You just walk through this vagina... and rose water is going to mist you.
"I'm thinking of doing a penis slide... and then you're in the vagina and then you walk out glistening."
Dawson has become a huge fan of the festival, which this year takes place from 29 August to 5 September at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.
She adds, "I love that there's no cellphone reception for an entire week... You're in this beautiful desert with all these really fun people and gorgeous art everywhere. I love the peace and beauty of it. It's like being in Mad Max; everyone's walking around in, like, dust masks and goggles... and everything that you bring with you, you have to take back out."
She won't be the only celebrity at Burning Man this summer - Mick Jagger's model daughter Elizabeth will also be among the artists displaying their creations at the festival.
The sexy star and a friend are working on a massive, naked cloth woman, which they'll display at the annual summer arts and music event. Jagger is also planning to add a little British pride to this year's event - she'll be driving a rented double-decker bus from Los Angeles to the festival.

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