Smashing Pumpkins Shun Reunion Tour

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Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlain has shattered hopes the DISARM band will reunite for a lucrative tour - because they've never been interested in making money.

While Chamberlain understands why groups like The Pixies and Duran Duran are regrouping for comeback tours to bolster their bank accounts, he insists the Smashing Pumpkins have always shunned the lure of get-rich-quick opportunities.

Instead, the pioneering rockers were solely focused on making good music - and would only reunite if they were confident they could recapture their songwriting magic.

He says, "When I talk to BILLY (CORGAN, Smashing Pumpkins frontman), that question sometimes comes up. The Pixies are selling out arenas now they've reformed, so this would be the time to go out and make some money - people seem to be eating this s**t up.

"But it's too precious to put a dollar sign on it. Money didn't form that band in the first place, so money isn't going to reform it."

24/02/2005 17:36

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