Starsailor Frontman James Walsh Announces Turning Point April Uk...

Starsailor Frontman James Walsh Announces Turning Point April UK Tour 2014

19 Mar 2014
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Starsailor Frontman James Walsh Announces Turning Point April UK Tour 2014

Starsailor Frontman James Walsh Announces Turning Point April UK Tour 2014

On 7th April Solo Records will release TURNING POINT, the debut solo album by James Walsh. To coincide with the release of TURNING POINT, James Walsh will tour the UK in April:
Sun.   6th   April       Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
Tue.   8th   April       Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
Thu.  10th  April       Manchester, Deaf Institute 

TURNING POINT is a collection of 11 incredible compositions, which showcase James's maturity as an exceptional songwriter and unique vocalist. The solo venture has afforded him the freedom to explore new influences, creating his most personal and diverse album to date. It was recorded in late 2013, at the legendary Fisher Lane Studios and produced by Harry Rutherford, featuring guest appearances fromCarice Van Houten, Mike Rutherford and Suzanne Vega.
TURNING POINT tracklisting:
1.   Turning Point
2.   Better Part Of Me
3.   Empire
4.   That Man
5.   Firing Line
6.   Broken You
7.   We Could Try
8.   Fading Grace
9.   If I Had The Words
10. Isabel
11. Better Luck Next Time
TURNING POINT was recorded last autumn at Genesis' legendary Fisher Lane Studios and produced by Harry Rutherford. "Working on the solo album was a great experience,"  says James. Adding,  "It was great to work with different musicians from different musical backgrounds; there was that excitement of a new sound coming together. I had a clear idea of the sound I wanted to create but I think there was room for everyone to express themselves. You have to push each other more to try and create something new and develop the sound."
At this point it's worth considering the overnight success and instant stardom James experienced in Starsailor. One minute the band were unknown in Wigan, the next they were being hailed as "the new Coldplay" after only their second gig, and front covers of magazines like NME proclaimed propelled their debut album - featuring what would become James's trademark lovelorn voice and epic songs - into the Top 10. They ended up selling over three million albums, and enjoying adventures like supporting U2 at the Stade de France, when 2004's Four To The Floor was Number One in the country and seeing the stadium "go absolutely mad", before watching U2 and ending up in Dublin, being offered advice by Bono. All of this began when James was only 21 years of age.
TURNING POINT has allowed James space to realise and create a work that he is immensely proud of. His exceptional voice has taken on an even stronger resonance with age and his songwriting is now a honed craft, with new added maturity as an artist as well as a husband and father, who splits his time between London and the small Irish town of of Ballymena. The songs are inspired by his love of music including, vocally, Van Morrison and Dion, and musically Bruce Springsteen, as well as such stories as that of eccentric explorer Richard Burton.
Describing the album, James says, "Turning Point is a soulful album. There are some harder moments like 'If I Had The Words', but in the main it's an emotional record with a Sunday morning feel."
TURNING POINT is very much a coming of age album, full of wonderful examples of James's ability to weave inspiring melodies round simple chords, creating timeless and classic songs.



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