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Arcade Fire rented a castle to write and record music for their latest album.

The 'Ready to Start' band spent time at Trident Castle - which was built in 1979 and is to be turned into a hotel - in Jamaica before releasing 'Reflektor' and were inspired by the county's vibrant music scene.

The band's frontman Win Butler said: ''In Jamaica at night you hear the sound systems coming from every corner of the island.

''It's impossible not to absorb that. The way people relate to music there is really deep.

''It was great to be a band together and have a shared experience. It was like summer camp but with intense work.''

The group loved the ''outlandish'' setting and thought it harked back to old days of rock 'n' roll excess.

Win said: ''For us to do something outlandish - it's how people used to make records in the 70's. Rent a castle!

''It felt like the Stones in the south of France, big time. Minus taking a speed boat to buy heroin.''

Jamaica is where Win also met up with singer Grace Jones after approaching her for a collaboration and was overjoyed with her response.

He told MOJO magazine: ''I met Grace, she was on the beach playing with her granddaughter.

''I played her an early version of 'Reflektor' and she started dancing immediately.

''I'm like, 'All right!' Grace Jones is dancing to our song - we're definitely doing something right!''

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The Reflektors

After the concert at Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, The Reflectors have officially cancelled all further tour dates with Arcade Fire. ‘We will no longer be collaborating with AF. We look forward to our independence and autonomy in all the areas of our creative pursuits.’ Read the open letter to AF here:

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