Armie Hammer - Armie Hammer: Johnny Depp is intimidated by me

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Armie Hammer believes Johnny Depp is ''intimidated'' by him.

'The Lone Ranger' actor is convinced the film industry is a ''cold-hearted business'' and has joked that his co-star wasn't prepared to give him advice in case he snapped up some of his desired roles in the future.

Speaking to Shortlist magazine, he said: ''I was definitely taking notes and watching them both, but never at any point did they say, 'Come here, youngster, come sit on my knee and I'll spin some yarn for you.'

''This is a very cold-hearted business. I think people would rather just stab you in the back. Johnny's very intimidated that I will end up stealing his jobs.''

However, despite his comments, Hammer believes filming the movie in sweltering heat across six states in the US meant that he was able to develop a bond with Depp because of the isolated nature of the shoot.

He explained: ''We were stuck in the middle of the desert for seven months. There wasn't very much else to do except play guitar, tell stories and tell jokes.

''He's a terrific guitar player, that guy. He's really good. We played the blues together.''


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