Sir Elton John - Elton John's Russia Shows Will Go Ahead

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The promoters behind Sir Elton John's upcoming concerts in Russia have assured fans the gigs are still going ahead despite speculation they will be scrapped by the authorities.

The Rocket Man is due to perform in Kazan and Moscow this week (beg02Dec13), but reports suggested Russian officials were planning to pull the plug on the gigs due to mounting pressure from anti-gay activists who claim the shows will break local laws banning the promotion of homosexuality.

The rumours have now prompted the promoters to speak out and assure fans that the concerts will still go ahead.

A statement from SAV Entertainment reads, "Contrary to groundless rumours disseminated over the Internet and in the media about possible cancellation of Elton John's performances in Russia, the promoter confirms that Elton John's shows in Moscow on Dec. 6 at Crocus City Hall and in Kazan on Dec. 7 at Tatneft Arena are to be held as scheduled."

The openly gay star has previously insisted he refused to cancel the shows in light of ongoing troubles for the gay community in the country, saying, "I'm going to go - I've been going there since 1979 and I have had great times in Russia. What's happening there is so awful. But I've been asked to go. People from the Lgbt (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community over there have said please come. I don't want to abandon them. I mean, if you don't go, you know, you're saying stick it."


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