Emily Browning - Emily Browning 'envious' of Pompeii co-stars

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Emily Browning was ''envious'' of her co-stars' action scenes in 'Pompeii'.

The 25-year-old actress, who shot to fame with a lead role in Zack Snyder's action blockbuster 'Sucker Punch', admits she struggled to watch leading men Kit Harington and Kiefer Sutherland duke it out in the new historical flick and is eager to land another physical role similar to her breakout film.

She said: ''I get to be part of the action in the sense that I'm running away from all the s**t that's happening with the volcano. There are some pretty cool scenes in the chariot with me and Kiefer where it gets pretty intense and violent, there are big explosions and everything, but I'm kind of ... I mean, I don't get to have a fight scene and I'm kind of jealous when I see the boys doing that.

''When we did 'Sucker Punch' I was so into the training, I loved doing that, so seeing them getting to train everyday, it makes me wanna do that kind of film again where I get to fight. Yeah, I'm a little bit envious of it!''

However, the brunette beauty thinks it's a ''relief'' not to have to take up a strict diet like her male co-stars, who had to rigorously count calories while shooting the film.

She added to Collider.com: ''They eat, like, kale and chicken and that's all. And it's funny because it's so often that it's the actresses on the set of a film that are watching what they eat, but on this we're all, like, we all couldn't care less. But the boys are like, 'How many calories is in that?' No, that's too many calories, they can't eat that. So it's kind of funny.''


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