Gillian Anderson - Gillian Anderson Suffered A Facial Injury On Set

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Actress Gillian Anderson lost half her eyelashes after a stunt went wrong on the set of her new movie in Northern Ireland.

The X-Files star was shooting Our Robot Overlords, co-starring Sir Ben Kingsley, in Belfast, when an action scene in the film did not go as planned.

She explains, "I'm running away from the stunt guy and he's trying to overtake me and I'm supposed to grab him by his head and push him to the side, so he doesn't overtake me, and as I do that he propels himself up and over and kicks me in the side of the face."

Anderson initially didn't know anything was awry until she went into hair and make-up.

She continues, "It wasn't until after, when the hair and make-up people were doing touch ups, and I noticed I lost half the eyelashes on my eye. The sole of his shoe must have ripped them out in the process. So I wore falsies for the rest of the shoot."


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